HANDJET® EBS 250 portable printer

This is a portable single color hand printer (data send wireless). If you believe half of what the video claims, it is still impressive! What printhead did they use? Trident? Multiple color version available (in development?)? Does it exist with another color than black? Did you see the external encoder in the video?

See movie below for demonstration or go to their youtube video channel for more details.
If you want to buy one, you can try here. (onsite demo's available!)
Anybody an idea of the cost?


  1. Cost: Around 3200$.
    About 10 different inks available (some more upon request I think).
    The printhead is their on micro vale jet. Well, the spare parts are from them and it says "EBS" everywhere on them.

    We are using three units in our plant here, the wireless set up is a bit tricky but the facts in the video are correct.

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