D-Shape - printing buildings in the future?

D-Shape is an enormous printer. It looks like a huge 3D printer. It is capable to print almost any shape within a cube 6x6 meters side. It uses sand and a binder to transform it into a solid strong material.

Details of this printer and how it works, is well explained on the D-Shape website.

Only your imagination will limit the shapes you can be build with it. Here some idea's what you can build with it.

Anybody seen this printing?

IdeaPaint - transform a whole room into one big whiteboard.

It is not really a 'strange' printing device, but it is definitely interesting.You are the printer, the wall is the media you print on. It is a paint that transforms your walls into one big whiteboard. You can write idea's, brainstorm, make notes all over the place. I think this is a very cool thing.

In the movie below you can see how to put it on your walls and what you can do with it.


It even exist in different colors.


Epson Stylus Pro WT7900

First time I hear that white ink is coming to desktop size printers (Target release early 2010). Normally it is a feature you see on large format printers. White ink tends to settle out, so constantly stirring in one our other way is necessary. I wonder how they did it in this printer. Any body knows?

Read full artile on printweek.com

Espon 7900 printer series.


Magic beans

A friend of mine bought some magic bean for his suns birthday.

These beans are laser engraved through the seed coating with a personalized word. When grown, your word is displayed on the outside of the bean. See picture below.

In case you're interessed, you can
buy these beans here or here ;-)

It is even patented US 7024817.

Strange ...