Larry Page's inkjet printer

I red that Larry Page once made a large format inkjet printer.(While at the University of Michigan)
Anybody seen this device? Are there pictures or even a movie somewhere on the net? Having a link here to that device would be nice.


Animated prints

A new technology/company claims to be able to print animated prints even on thin flexible surfaces by using electroluminescent ink. Connecting the ink with a driver and changing light parameters makes the print become animated.Continue here to read the full story.


Sony BRAVIA Paint Commercial

This is a Sony TV commercial, it is a combination of fireworks and paint => you can call it a building printer/decorator. It was recorded in Glasgow, Scotland in July 2006.


HP Handheld SP400 All-In-One scanner printer

Hp invented again a wonderfull device. Scanning en printing combined in a handheld device.
It seems it exists in two versions, one with the battery underneed, and one with the battery attached to the arm.

This device will most likely be used in box shifting workflows or in mailing applications, but it seems it can also print on not so evident surfaces, with even water resistant ink.

For the engineers among you, here a glimpse on the inside.

More detailes and specifications -> see HP full information page.

Underneath a demo video of this amazing thing.


HANDJET® EBS 250 portable printer

This is a portable single color hand printer (data send wireless). If you believe half of what the video claims, it is still impressive! What printhead did they use? Trident? Multiple color version available (in development?)? Does it exist with another color than black? Did you see the external encoder in the video?

See movie below for demonstration or go to their youtube video channel for more details.
If you want to buy one, you can try here. (onsite demo's available!)
Anybody an idea of the cost?


Parallax Inkjet robot

These guy's ripped a print engine (printhead + controller) out of a desktop printer and mounted on a simple (parallax controlled) robot. In the video below the robot spits two ink blops on two different walls.

PrintBall paint ball printer

Some students mounted a paintball gun onto a 2D X,Y system and are able to generate some basic images. In the movie below you can see one of their first test shots.

Automatic graffiti printer/robot

Nicely built computer controller airbrush. See movie below to see the robot/printer in action.

Huge 4 color plotter

This is a huge X,Y plotter controlled by a mobile phone.

Download a movie of the thing in action.

Read the full story at digitalexperience.dk

CD tattoo printer

Yamaha's DiscT@2 technology allows the user to burn custom text and graphics onto the data side of a CD-R disc.

Here you can see the technologie in action. [Demo with your own text.]

More about this technology.


D-Shape - printing buildings in the future?

D-Shape is an enormous printer. It looks like a huge 3D printer. It is capable to print almost any shape within a cube 6x6 meters side. It uses sand and a binder to transform it into a solid strong material.

Details of this printer and how it works, is well explained on the D-Shape website.

Only your imagination will limit the shapes you can be build with it. Here some idea's what you can build with it.

Anybody seen this printing?

IdeaPaint - transform a whole room into one big whiteboard.

It is not really a 'strange' printing device, but it is definitely interesting.You are the printer, the wall is the media you print on. It is a paint that transforms your walls into one big whiteboard. You can write idea's, brainstorm, make notes all over the place. I think this is a very cool thing.

In the movie below you can see how to put it on your walls and what you can do with it.


It even exist in different colors.


Epson Stylus Pro WT7900

First time I hear that white ink is coming to desktop size printers (Target release early 2010). Normally it is a feature you see on large format printers. White ink tends to settle out, so constantly stirring in one our other way is necessary. I wonder how they did it in this printer. Any body knows?

Read full artile on printweek.com

Espon 7900 printer series.


Magic beans

A friend of mine bought some magic bean for his suns birthday.

These beans are laser engraved through the seed coating with a personalized word. When grown, your word is displayed on the outside of the bean. See picture below.

In case you're interessed, you can
buy these beans here or here ;-)

It is even patented US 7024817.

Strange ...


Baseball bat inkjet printers

Found two movies of baseball bat printers.

Printed with Spectra (Dimatix) heads.

Printed on a modified HP designjet 1050C

Patent details.
Patent with bat feeder.

I wonder if these prototypes really got into production?
Anybody seen them?