CC House printer

Lays the future of house construction in the hands of Contour Crafting technology? Simply said it is a huge 3D printer, capable of constructing multiple (unique) buildings at once.

Read more about this technology on the contourcrafting website. (Have a look at the 'How does it work' and 'Applications' sections)

Space cowboys are already dreaming of using this technique to build houses on the moon or other places in the universe ...

Tiger Stone Street Printer

Tiger Stone Street Printer allows you to 'print' streets swath per swath. 300m2 per day!

See Tiger Stone website for all the details. See Multimedia, Filmpjes for move movies of this incredible machine. (Dutch)

More in depth English review of the machine.

Is that the future of street construction?


Open Source 3D Printers

On the Maker Faire in California there were some Open Source 3D Printers.
You can buy (<1000€) and build them yourself.(8 hours) See the video for some action.


OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine version

Watch this magnificent video from these guys. The 'printer moment' is at the very end ...

More video's from these guys here.


PrintBrush™ - digital camera/ink jet printer (pocket size)

A pocket size digital camera with an ink jet printer build in.
After snapping a photo, move the device over paper and the photo gets printed.

Here a demo of the PrintBrush printing a letter-size e-mail.

Here a video of the technology behind the printer.


Food Printers

These days you can decorate your cakes with highly personalized images. Printing on food with edible ink seems to become more and more popular. Below a demonstration of printing on cockies.

There exist even printers optimized for printing on lolly's and chocolate. For more strange food printers => go to youtube.



Nvidia hired the Mythbusters team to show the differences between a CPU and a GPU.

Water Printer (using waves)

This device uses waves to draw text and pictures on the surface of water.
Read more.



The hart of this printer is a paintball gun. It is capable of producing artworks from a distance, even on difficult reachable surfaces.

I really like their UN water point logo.

Read here for more detailed specifications.

Check out these guys homepage to see the printer in action.

Thanks guys for the tip and the photos!

Underfill Tablecloth

When spilling red wine on your tablecloth, a hidden pattern of butterflies comes to live. Makes you want to spill, right? It seems that this is still a concept idea. Read more.


Waterfall Printer

The ink of this printer is falling water.
See it working in the video below.

Here another and another waterfall printer in action.


Skin Keyboard Printer - Skinput

Skinput is a research project between Chris Harrison of Carnegie Mellon University and Dan Morris and Desney Tan, both of Microsoft Research.

It is basically an armband with a projector and an acoustic sensor. It can display some text(menu's) on for example the palm of your hand and it can detect key presses on these displayed virtual key's.

Read more on news.discovery.com.


Light Brush Painter

This concept design comes from designer Seo Dong-Hun. A handheld light brush draws on a clusters of LEDs hanging on the ceiling. This way it gives you the opportunity to create some art masterpiece.
 Read full article on yankodesign.com.


Toast Printer

This printer prints (or burns) on toasts.
More prints of this machine.

It seems that toast printers do inspire people to make strange printers.
Here a concept device that puts a smile on your toast.
Designer: Xu Yan Xiang

Printing With Ballpen

Another concept printer, instead of a pencil, this one uses CMYK ballpens. Designers: Hyo Sun Ahn & Min Koung So
Read all about on the designers website.


Flyfire 3D helicopter LED screen(printer)

Flyfire exists as a hovering, programmable swarm of mini-helicopter-mounted LEDs. (Developed by MIT's SENSEable City Lab.)

Read more here.


Printing With A Pencil Stub

The concept is cool, just put a pencil inside and use it as ink.

Designed by : Hoyoung Lee
Read full article.


More detailed information.


Invetech 3D bio-printer

Printing 3D structures of cells was announced in 2007. Now Invetech has the 3D printer ready for production.
Will this machine make creating "implantable human organs on demand" possible?

Invetech press release.


Larry Page's inkjet printer

I red that Larry Page once made a large format inkjet printer.(While at the University of Michigan)
Anybody seen this device? Are there pictures or even a movie somewhere on the net? Having a link here to that device would be nice.


Animated prints

A new technology/company claims to be able to print animated prints even on thin flexible surfaces by using electroluminescent ink. Connecting the ink with a driver and changing light parameters makes the print become animated.Continue here to read the full story.