Skin Keyboard Printer - Skinput

Skinput is a research project between Chris Harrison of Carnegie Mellon University and Dan Morris and Desney Tan, both of Microsoft Research.

It is basically an armband with a projector and an acoustic sensor. It can display some text(menu's) on for example the palm of your hand and it can detect key presses on these displayed virtual key's.

Read more on news.discovery.com.


Light Brush Painter

This concept design comes from designer Seo Dong-Hun. A handheld light brush draws on a clusters of LEDs hanging on the ceiling. This way it gives you the opportunity to create some art masterpiece.
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Toast Printer

This printer prints (or burns) on toasts.
More prints of this machine.

It seems that toast printers do inspire people to make strange printers.
Here a concept device that puts a smile on your toast.
Designer: Xu Yan Xiang

Printing With Ballpen

Another concept printer, instead of a pencil, this one uses CMYK ballpens. Designers: Hyo Sun Ahn & Min Koung So
Read all about on the designers website.